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Glovus Goalkeeping

Glovus Goalkeeper Glove

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This Glovus Goalkeeper Glove is a massively padded, all-white goalkeeper glove made with state-of-the-art Giga 4mm German Latex. The cut and strap are designed to keep hands comfortable during long training sessions or entire matches. The perfect addition to your kit.

With its premium stitching, red heart on the finger, and minimalist white color, this glove looks as good as it feels on - making it a must-have for any goalkeeper.

The Glovus Goalkeeper Glove provides you with a high level of control and grip when punching, catching or pushing the ball away. The thick design will help you prevent injuries and avoid unwanted hand fatigue.


Customer Reviews

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Glovus Athlete Review

Awesome set of gloves from Glovus! Not too bulky and a great look overall. I have always had to focus on the mental side of my game and often times that lead me to worrying about my gloves and whether I could trust them all the time. With the Glovus hybrid cut it takes that worry away for me. Super great grip and durability that rivals that of West Coast Gloves. If you are looking for a glove you can trust on the pitch, you’ve found it here!

Zack Rabold
Fantastic gloves

This is my 6th or 7th pair of gloves from them and I won’t buy any other brands. They look good and they perform great and last a while too. Especially for the price these are by far my favorite pair of gloves. The negative cut feels really good. My only complaint is the entry system can feel a little tight when putting them on but it’s never a huge issue.

Dee Haz
Great goalie gloves

They are comfortable with great grip. My kids love using these gloves.