About Us

Glovus goal keeper gloves

Confidence in your gloves comes from more than just a good grip or nice latex. It's about the feeling you get when you put them on. That feeling of bravery and the never-say-die attitude that you need to step between the posts. Glovus™ gives you that feeling. These are the gloves that signify your hard work, the late nights and early mornings, and the sacrifices you’ve made to play the game you love.

That’s why “love” is in the name. The founders of Glovus™ are goalkeepers who took control of their gloves after overpaying for flimsy brand-name models. From factory to field, we put care into making premium gloves for our goalkeepers. The Glovus™ brand is also about goalkeeper education. Discover tips and strategies to help you improve your game on our blog!

As a goalkeeper, your gloves are your mental security blanket - your tools of the trade. Having confidence in your gloves allows you to focus on your performance. We strive to develop professional grade gloves with a minimalist design. If you love a good glove, you’ll Glovus!