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Glovus Goalkeeping

Premium Glovus Goalkeeper Glove - Glovus Pure Contact Latex

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Introducing the Premium Glovus Goalkeeper Glove, the ultimate game-changer for serious goalkeepers. Crafted with only the finest materials, the Pure Contact Latex gives a luxurious and soft feel, ensuring optimal grip and performance during any game.

These gloves are designed for those who demand the best. The incredible comfort and fit of these gloves are unrivaled, allowing you to play with complete confidence and focus on your game. You'll forget you're even wearing gloves!

The high-quality construction and advanced technology of these gloves ensure superior ball control, even in wet and slippery conditions. The unique latex foam provides a perfect balance of grip, control, and cushioning for your hands.

The sleek design, complete with a neoprene closure and custom fit, ensures a secure and comfortable fit every time. 

Upgrade your game and step up your performance with the Premium Glovus Goalkeeper Glove. These gloves are the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and performance, and they are sure to elevate your game to the next level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Freddie Rosen

Started using at mid season love using the gloves, still incredibly grippy. Amazing quality. One of the best pairs of gloves I’ve used so far.

Zack Rabold
Step up from original model

I’ve used two pairs of glovus gloves now. The odd thing is they usually take a few training sessions to find their grip and break in instead of having it right out the gate like most gloves. They normally last great so I’m hoping they keep that with the pure contact version. The pure contact latex totally takes that break in period away and feel great from the box. I’m excited to use them for my upcoming season and hope they perform even better than my others.